The Wonders of Healthcare in Spain


My Wife and I became residents of Spain seven years ago and with residency you are entitled to join the National Health Service. Private healthcare is also extremely good and, by UK standards, very affordable to most people.


Two evenings ago made me appreciate just how beneficial this can be when, in the middle of the night I became rather worried about a potential health scare. This was not an immediate problem but still very scary. I was not able to sleep very well afterwards.

National Health Service of Spain

I called my National Health doctor the following morning but could not see him for three days. With my mind in turmoil I called my private Doctor at Clinica del Rio and was sitting in front of her two hours later. She suggested an immediate blood test which a nurse carried out with the results available the following morning. The Doctor also arranged for me to see a specialist the same evening at 19.45pm.

After an exploratory examination using ultrasound, I was informed my condition was very normal for a man of my age and nothing to be worried about. He also gave a prescription for some medication which I should take for three months and to see him again thereafter. At 20:45 I collected the medication from a local pharmacy.

The following morning I received the blood test results which proved the specialists diagnosis and I was mightily relieved.


My NHS doctor is ten minutes away and Clinica del Rio 15 minutes away.


The moral of the story is that, when it comes to peace of mind and healthcare, “The only Way is Spain”.


Jack and Jill, Casares Costa


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