Noche de San Juan Sabinillas 2011

The night of 23rd June is San Juan night – the fiesta that marks the start of summer and Sabinillas really puts on a show. A large edifice is built on the beach, with a different theme each year, then is set alight on the stroke of midnight. This is followed by a fantastic firework display. It is standing room only on the Sabinillas paseo, although to avoid the crowds yet still enjoy the spectacle, many people opt to go to Marina de Casares beach, where there is another, smaller, bonfire and usually live music, but you can still see the Sabinillas fireworks. Tradition has it, that you have to get you feet wet in the sea, although some mad fools get right in, in order to wash away any bad luck and invite good fortune.
Photo below is the 2011 statue – obviously before it was set alight!!!