Manilva Lunar Eclipse

Like lots of people in Spain, we were excited to see the lunar eclipse last night. Normally, the moon is above our house and we only have to step outside the front door to be bathed in moonlight, so we all went outside just after 10, but …. no sign of the moon!!
We walked further up the street and around the corner but still no moon. I gave up and went home to phone a friend I’d been trying to get hold off all day and left hubby and kids to “find the moon”.
I was telling my friend that we “couldn’t find the moon” and she said “well you won’t if it’s eclipsed!!” Pretty obvious really!!
Anyway, 10 minutes later, son came running back shouting “we’ve found the moon” and sure enough, there was a faint orange circle in the sky.
No where near as spectacular as this photo but it was there and we saw it!!!