Hamilton Homes blog versus Grand Prix?

The boss recently bought us all Android phones so we can have our office, outside the office!! I am not very technically minded so am yet to realise the full functionality of the phone and definitely need to play with it a bit more so last night I thought I’d try to write a blog on my phone (in hindsight, perhaps a bit too adventurous!) As I mentioned before, both hubby and son are avid Grand Prix fans so I knew they would take over the TV for 3 hours so I had plenty of time to get used to the phone. Then, horror of horrors, the race is stopped due to heavy rain. The 3 hour tv coverage dragged on for 5 hours! I wasn’t getting very far with the phone (must admit I have no patience with this type of thing!) so once the race restarted, I found myself glancing at the TV more and more. Jenson Button was last, then 10th, then 4th, phone blog got forgotten, then he took the lead to win the race in the final lap. Have to admit that I really enjoyed the final part of the race but don’t tell my husband that!!!!
Meanwhile, Android remains a mystery but I’m sure I’ll get there one day!!