The bridge is coming…

After years of waiting, I can finally say that the bridge is coming. The bridge that will join the towns of Manilva and Casares is being delivered this evening.

Yeah, Yeah you’ve heard it all before.

Believe me. How do I know this. Well I’ve just driven past the lorry transporting the bridge.

Bridge Manilva Sabinillas Casares
Bridge Manilva Sabinillas Casares


This long awaited bridge will join the promenade of Casares with the promenade of Sabinillas.  The bridge will go over the Manilva river and cross from the La Noria urbanisation on the Sabinillas side to the Marina de Casares urbanisation.

Local residents of Manilva & Casares, and tourists alike have been waiting patiently.  Today,  Tuesday 15th November 2016 is a historic day.  As I look out from La Noria IV I can see “The Bridge”, it is currently sitting on a very long lorry just outside the Marina de Casares urbanisation. The police and engineers are now planning how to meander the  juggernaut through the streets of Marina de Casares.