Netflix now available in Spain

Ever since the powers that be moved the TV satellites and we lost the signal here in southern Spain, we have been relying on IPTV to get out fix of UK television. Streaming on laptops, tablets, smart TV’s and even you mobile phone has become the norm here and, thankfully, at last, the internet infrastructure is being upgraded and we should all have 4G and fibre optic connection by the end of 2016.

So now, as winter sets in and we retreat to the sofa during the evening, there is another TV option to consider.,..

Netflix is now available in Spain. The online streaming service which offers all the latest movies and box sets of the top UK and US television shows launched in Spain last month and so far has received good feedback. Of course, this may be because everyone is still on the one months free trial and not actually paying for it yet! :))

There are 3 price options (after your free month) :-

Basic package – 7.99€ a month

2 x HD packages

8.99€ a month where you can watch on two screen simultaneously – great if you want to watch the latest rom com and hubby wants to watch the latest Sci-fi drama

11.99€ a month where you can watch on up to 4 screen simultaneously

Just on thing to bear in mind – it’s all in Spanish (obviously!) but a lot of the film titles have also been translated intro Spanish as well so you will need to know the Spanish name when searching. For example, it’s no good looking for “Lord of the rings” as it will be listed under “El Senor de los Anillos”. One way to inprove your Spanish!!


It’s certainly worth giving Netflix a try even if it’s just for the free month….just don’t get hooked on a box set and end up watching it into the early hours!!!