Early morning coffee in Sotogrande port – no such luck!!

The other morning, Andrew and I had to be in the Sotogrande area at some ungodly hour in the morning so we decided to “kill too birds with one stone” and visit to Sotogrande water office in Sotogrande port at the same time to sort out a the transfer of a client’s water.

It was 8.40 am and the water office didn’t open until 9.30 (we later discovered it’s open 9.15 – 18.00) so we decided that coffee and breakfast was in order! Easier said than done….. Not one coffee shop was open. Both The Hairy Lemon and the Ke Cafe didn’t open until 9 and everywhere else was deserted. We considered driving in Torreguadiaro but one last ditch attempt… The Midas Hotel …and yes, the restaurant was open and yes….we could have a coffee even if we weren’t a guest in the hotel…Having said that we did have to serve ourselves!!

Sat on the terrace, watching the yachts and sun rising over Gibraltar – I can’t think of many nicer ways to kill half an hour. I was slightly concerned that the cost of 2 coffees would be astronomical but 1.65€ each .. can live with that.


As we left we had a bit of a nose around and it’s a very nice hotel….

So, anyone looking for an opportunity in Soto port . Coffee shop that opens early!!