Mykinos parking open again in Duquesa port

Unless you are lucky enough to own an apartment right in the port, for example in Marina de la Duquesa, we  know that, as we go into summer, it will be increasingly difficult to park your car if you are visiting the port for an afternoon or night out

So problem solved… Once again the local fibromyalgia association is opening the parking in the Mikonos building (just on the bend as you enter the port)It is now open at weekends and opening hours will be extended as the summer progresses. Cost of the parking is just 2 euros per day – well worth it…you’d waste  €2 in fuel driving round and round searching for a space.

parking 2

The association is also selling it’s home made products at the parking  So remember, next time you’re popping to the port, you can contribute to a great cause, without worrying about parking.