Manilva’s mayor commits to better disabled access throughout the town

When we first moved to Manilva, many of the roads didn’t have pavements, so you were forced to walk on the road itself. Ok if its just an adult I suppose but when you are walking with small children, pushing a pram or a disabled person in a wheelchair, it’s not so easy.

Thankfully this has improved tremendously which new pavements on many of the roads and cycle tracks and pedestrian walkways.  The mayor of Manilva, Diego Urieta, has now committed to project to make Manilva more accessible to everybody by installing more pavements and removing over objects and constructions that block easy access to certain places.

Work has already started on the lower end of the Peñoncillo road, by Pueblo Mexicano where a new pavement is being installed allowing easier and safer pedestrian access  to Duquesa port

Long may it continue, not only does it make the area safer for us residents, it improves the image for our visitors,