Manilva exhibits at world tourism fair.

FITUR – which stands for “Feria Internacional de Turismo” is held in Madrid every year and is considered to be one of the most important Tourism fairs in the world.


Once again, Manilva’s tourism department will be promoting Manilva at the fair, with the mayor himself also going this year. The fair features around 12,000 exhibitors from almost 200 different countries and regions and gets millions of visitors.   For this reason , this event has become a must for Manilva, and a great platform to “sell” our area, since tourism is one of the main sources of income of the municipality.  This year’s fair runs from 28th January  to 2nd February.

tourism fair

The tourism department will be promoting not only our fabulous weather and beaches but also the huge variety of other sporting activities, walks, entertainment and“things to do” in the area.

Promotional videos of the Manilva area which will be shown on the stand and the tourism department have produced brochures and guides which emphasise all the reasons why you should choose Manilva as a holiday destination or indeed, as a place to own a second home.

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