Canicross and Bikejoring races in Manilva 2015

Up until last year, I’d never heard of these sports but we are now on the 3rd competition to be held in this area….and forms part of the Andalucia cup!! If you are still unaware of what these sports entail, well,  basically, Canicross is  cross country running with dogs.  Either one or two dogs are attached to the runner via a waist belt on the person and a harness on the dog.  Bikejoring is the same but on a bike, with a dog or team of dogs running ahead of the bike.

This years competition will be held over this coming weekend, 17th and 18th January. Saturday is a “get to know the route” day with informative talks about the sports, entertainment and music

canicross 20152

Sunday see the actual races. Bikejoring starts at 9am. Canicross professional is at 10.00am and covers a distance of almost 7km with junior and public race, which is open to everyone starts at 11.00am and is a much more sedate 2.9km. All races start from the sports centre in Manilva. 

canicross 2015

I know the times on the poster are different but, in case it gets too warm (its was 22º last sunday!) the times have all been brought forward an hour. Having said that, the forecast for this weekend is a lot colder!!