Well done Manilva – almost 500 presents donated

Following the second Christmas present collection campaign in December by the  Duquesa Charitable Society of Saint George and the Manilva Foreign residents department, I am pleased to confirm that the kind hearted people of Manilva and surrounding areas donated almost 500 presents.

The campaign to provide gifts for underprivileged children in Manilva, Casares and Estepona resulted in over 476 children receiving gifts for Three Kings this year.

In total, 330 gift bags were presented to children in Manilva, 56 in Casares; and 90 in Estepona.


The money was raised through a number of events, donations from businesses in Spain and Gibraltar, as well as contributions from the general public, and through the Association’s charity shop.

Well done everyone – as we all get back into the daily routine after the holidays its great to know that the Christmas goodwill was very much apparent locally.