Registration now open for 2015 IBI discounts

Once again, Manilva council are offering a discount on the 2015 IBI bills for “good payers”.

You will have to apply again, even if you applied last year. The deadline to apply is 31st December 2014.

As last year, the requirements to apply are:-

1. Have at least one family member on the padron

2. Have no debts with the town hall

3. Pay your IBI bill by direct debit.

The procedure for applying is actually very easy:  You fill in a form – you can pick this up from  the Town Hall or simply download the form from the Town Hall website  

Present the  completed form, along with a copy of last year’s IBI bill and a copy of your NIE or passport to either the Town Hall in Manilva or the  Tenencia de Alcaldia office in Sabinillas