Virgin del Carmen 2014

Everything is in place for tomorrow’s celebrations for the  fiesta of the Virgen del Carmen.  This fiesta honours  the Patron Saint of fishermen and sailors and as Sabinillas ,Castillo and Estepona all have links with the fishing community (years ago Sabinillas was a tiny fishing village)  this fiesta is very important in our area.

It  really is a beautiful spectacle to watch. Following masses in the churches of Sabinillas and Castillo, statues of the virgins are taken from the churches and  are placed on board the local fishing boats in two separate ceremonies: the first off the beach at Sabinillas  and the second in the Port of Duquesa. The two boats bearing the Virgins, along with with a flotilla of other boats  then parade up and down the coast from the Salt Tower to Chullera before disembarking and returning to their respective churches. Everyone goes to the beach to watch the boats then, like all Spanish fiestas, there is a huge street party in the evening.



Here’s the programme for tomorrow.

8am Manilva’s town band will march through the streets of Castillo and no doubt the odd firework will be set off…

11am Children’s games and entertainment in Parque del Huerto, alongside the castle.

12.00 Holy mass in Sabinillas church

18.00 Holy mass in Castillo church

19.00 Procession of the virgins from both churches to the shoreline and onto the boats

22.00 Full on party until early hours of the morning with live  music in Parque del Huerto in Castillo and plaza de Virgen del Carmen in Sabinillas.

It is an official holiday in Estepona and Castillo so many shops and businesses will be closed  and although, not an “official” holiday in Sabinillas, you may find that many business will either not open for the afternoon or will close early.