24 hour sports tournament in Manilva

Now in its 39th year, Manilva’s  annual 24-hour Sports tournament will be held this year over the weekend of 27th and 28th June. This annual event, run by the youth and sports delegation encourages everyone to participate in sport. You do not have to be  fit or particularly good at the sport, just willing to take part and have fun.

There are 16 different sports on offer this year including Chess, Climbing, Swimming, Fishing, Table Tennis, Shooting, Equestrian, and Beach Volleyball. If you wish to take part in any of these events, you just need to turn up at the delegated place an hour before the start of the event. 

Entry to some other sports such as basketball, handball, football ,tennis, and paddle tennis will be via a draw. To register for these sports and be in the draw,you need to  register for the event at the psorts delegation up until 23rd June. The teams will be drawn on 25th June at 8pm in the “Salon de Plenos” in Manilva.

There is also a Cycling Time Trial which is being organised by Manilva Cycling Club. Visit their website for details –www.ccmanilva.com

 Registration is free for  all the sports except adult football for which there is a €60 per team entry fee, and the adult Paddle Tennis for which there is a €10 entry fee.  You can only inscribe for a maximum of 3 sports. Registration forms can be downloaded from “Deportes Manilva” facebook page. 

There is a trophy awarded to the first and second in each sport.


For more details or to register, contact the Manilva sports delegation inPlaza Martín Carpena, (opposite the sports pavillion in Manilva) . Tlf. 952891532

24 h sports


If you don’t want to take part, then pop along and watch. A full timetable of events and where each sport is taking place is available from the sports delegation.