Summer music course

Manilva’s cultural department, in association with the parents association of the Music school, have organised the first Summer music Course, to be hold at the Music School in Manilva from 30th June to 10th July.

Classes are available in singing, guitar, percussion and and piano. The course is open to young people who have studied one of the above instruments for a least a year. People without musical experience will also be considered if there are remaining spaces.

The course will run from 9-2 each day and will consist of 2 hour group class, 1 hour group performance  and complimentary activities such as trips to pool and films.

There is also the possibility to learn another instrument. At the end of the course, there will be a grand final concert.

The cost is €100 per person and registration is at the Music school between 2nd and 23rd June

summer music course