2nd “Make Manilva Beautiful” Competition

Following the success of last year’s competition, Manilva tourism department is once again holding the “competition for the prettiest house” (or street, square, corner!!)

The object of the competition  is to encourage the decoration of the houses (streets, squares) in the municipality of Manilva, to enhance the image of the town and encourage more visitors.

The competition is open to anyone residing in Manilva bothas individuals or a group of neighbours.  The competition will run from 16th  – 30th May.

Registration is free and you can register at the Tourism office in Duquesa port or by calling 952 89 7434.

Prizes will be awarded to the top three as follows:- (Interestingly, the prize money has halved from last year!!)

First prize €200

Second prize €100

Third prize €50

Here’s a couple of entries from last year

concurso-de-fachadas fachadas