Manilva’s secondary school to be enlarged

Looks likes Manilva’s secondary school IES Las Viñas is finally going to be extended. The school caters for pupils from Manilva and Casares and currently has over 900 pupils. It has certainly grown since it opened in the late 1980’s when there were just 50 students!! In fact, there are three primary schools in Manilva where the pupils all pass onto this one Secondary school as well as pupils age 14-16 who come from Casares. (For some reason, Casares secondary school only covers years 1-2). Compare that too Estepona where there are three secondary schools and you can see that this expansion is long overdue.

las vinas

We are not quite there yet but the plans are in the final stages. The plans were originally agreed seven years ago but then the “Crisis” hit and the plan was shelved!! Fingers crossed it will all go ahead as planned at the end of the school year (June) with the construction of a new building with eleven new classrooms