Canicross and Bikejoring races in Manilva

Now, this is all new to be… I’d never heard of either of these sports but, on further research, I’ve realised that both sports are extremely popular all across Europe. If, like me, you’d never heard of them, basically, Canicross is  cross country running with dogs.  Either one or two dogs are attached to the runner via a waist belt on the person and a harness on the dog. It was originally founded as an off season training activity for the sledding community but has now developed into a fully recognised sport.  Bikejoring is the same but on a bike, with a dog or team of dogs running ahead of the bike.

canicross 2

Right, having established what they are, both sports are coming to Manilva on Sunday 9th February. There will be a professional race held in both Canicross and Bikejoring as well as an additional Canicross race open to anyone.  The races will start at 9am from  urbanisation La Vizcaronda.  All are welcome to participate…you and your dog just need to be able to run ( well, you might get away with a fact walk as its for fun!!).  Both routes also end at La Vizcaronda, the bike route goes one side, across the campo of Manilva and the running route down to Duquesa port and back.


For more information or to register to enter contact 952 897 434.