Three kings visit the local infant schools

Every year during the last few days of the school term, the Three kings – Melchor, Gaspar y Baltasar – pay a visit to all three of the local infant schools as well as the local nursery.

Each child is presented with a gift from the kings paid for by the local council. For some young ones, Father Christmas can be frightening enough so being faced with 3 “kings” is positively petrifying!!  However, many kids revel in the attention and can’t wait to sit on a king’s knee and tell them what they want for Christmas.

3 kings

I must say, I don’t envy mums of younger ones this time of year… the last week of term is a nightmare to organise…Christmas concert where each child must be dressed up in a particular outfit, 3 kings visit, class party as well as the usual dilema of what to buy the teacher…. I know it sound “Humbug” but I’m so glad my kids are older…..