Don’t forget to apply for your IBI discount

Manilva council are offering a 20% discount on the 2014 IBI bills as long as you meet certain criteria…but you must apply for the discount before 31st December.

In order to obtain the discount, you must:-

1. Have at least one family member on the padron

2. Have no debts with the town hall

3. Pay your IBI bill by direct debit.

If you qualify, don’t delay… it’s actually really simple.  Fill in the form (see link at bottom of blog) and take completed form along with a copy of your 2013 IBI bill (You can get this from the Patronato office by the police station in Manilva if you need to), and a copy of your NIE to either Manilva town hall  (departamento de Intervención on the 2nd Floor) or the Tenencia de Alcaldía office in Sabinillas.  They will check the documents, stamp the form and give you a copy for you records… it really is that simple!!

For more information you can call the departamento de Intervención  on 952 89 36 04  or the Tenencia de Alcaldía in Sabinillas  on  952 89 00 29.

It’s not often you get offered a discount on a bill so grab it while you can!!