Manilva town hall offers Fire Prevention Talk in English

Manilva’s fire department in colaboration with the delegation for Health is offering informative talks on fire prevention which will take place next Wednesday, 30th October.

In the morning of the 30th, the children from Maicandil school will receive a talk and will be given leaflets both in Spanish and English to bring home detailing many fire prevention measures.

fire talk

This is part of a national campaign for which Ronda has been chosen as the representing city for the interior of Andalucia and Manilva has been chosen to represent the coastal area.

At 6pm on the evening of the 30th, in the Centro de Interpretación “Las Viñas” in Manilva,  representatives from the fire department will be on hand with advice and help on the use and functionality of smoke and gas detectors – something that can save your life!!

The talks will be given in both Spanish and English as the town hall realises the large number of British ex pats living in the Manilva area also need to be aware of such important issues.

I know it’s a very serious subject but it’d be worth going for the firemen.-…..can’t resist a man in uniform!!!