New Skate park planned for Manilva

The youth and sports departments of Manilva have anouced plans to build a skate park in Manilva. The park is to be situated in the Plaza Martín Carpena, making this a real “sports corner” of Manilva. The municipal swimming pool, gym, football ground, paddel tennis courts, sports centre and handball court are all situated in this area.

It will not be a huge park, 736m2 in total but it will still be a great asset to Manilva and will be very well received by the local children. The park will have various obstacles including ramps, banks, and tubes and will, of course, meet all the safety levels.

This latest innovation is part of a project by Manilva town hall to offer the youngsters of the area as many outdoor activities as possible and to provide safe and accessible meeting places for them.


No date yet as to when it will open but no doubt before the next election in April next year….how cynical am I??!!