“Expodinosaurios” in Estepona

Prehistoric life comes to Estepona this weekend with the “Expodinosaurios” exhibition at the Palacio de Congressos in Estepona.

The event will give adults and children alike an insight into the daily lives of Neanderthal man, taking into account all the everyday dangers the had to face.

A complete Neanderthal village has been recreated for the event and visitors can experience reindeer hunting, a confrontation with a  cave bear and come face to face with a mammoth!! There will be archaeological finds on display form this period as well as lots of information about this time in our history.


Animated images and sound effects complete the scenes to make it as “real life” as possible.

Life size models of various dinosaurs will also be on display as well as a collection of fossils and skeletons.


The exhibition runs from 6th – 8th September and is open from 11am to 2pm then again from  7pm to 11.30pm. Entrance is just €5.00

For more information on what looks like a fascinating exhibition, check out the website http://www.dinosaurios-expo.es/es_inicio.html