Flamenco Festival in Manilva

Every year, on the Friday before Vendimia, the Culture department for Manilva, organise a Flamenco Festival.  This year is no exception and the Festival will take place tomorrow, 30th August in Calle Mar (the main Street) at 10pm.

The festival covers all aspects of Flamenco, including the following singers, Antonio de Canillas, Antoñita Contreras, Manuel Marchena, Emilia la del Mellizo and el Niño los Brezos and guitarists, Curro Sánchez, Andrés Cansino, Manuel Cortés and Chaparro , as well as the Flamenco group “Flamenco Sur”. Local Flamenco artist and dance teacher Eva Cabrera will be performing the dancing.

antonio Chaparro-de-Málaga-3-300x204 flamenco