Trip to see la Luna Mora de Guaro

Manilva’s Foreigners Department has organised a trip to the Festival de la Luna Mora de Guaro which is celebrated every September in the Malaga town of Guaro.  The town is situated in the national park ” Sierra de las Nieves” and is truely beautiful, and even more so during the festival. 

The festival itself has been an annual event for the past 15 years and is a  spiritual tribute to Andalucia´s Muslim, Christian and Jewish past. Each year there is a variety of performances including music and dance from many different influences. As well as entertainment, the local shops spill out onto the streets, stall selling a variety of products are set up and the restaurants and bars keep with the theme of the festival.

The main part of the festival is that the whole town of Guaro is illuminated with more than 22,000 candles. Streetlights are turned off and a wonderful and beautiful atmosphere is created.

luna 2 luna

The festival runs over 2 weekends but the trip is on Saturday 7th September.  The coach leaves Manilva at 6 pm and returns around 1am on Sunday morning.  Tickets are priced at €7.00 per person and can be obtained from the Foreign Residents Office in the Castle or by calling 952 893 548 or 689 948 672.

luna mora