Thumbs up for Manilva’a emergency medical service

Manilva’s delegation for health recently conducted a satisfaction survey on our local emergency medical service – the results being that 97% of those surveyed were more than happy with the service provided.

Of the people surveyed, 70% were female with 30% male with an average age of 30.  55% lived in Manilva, 35% in Sabinillas and the remaining 10% in Castillo and surrounding urbanisations.

The survey revealed that 96% of people who called the emergency number or went to the emergency centre, had to wait less than 2 minutes to see a doctor and they were very happy with the treatment and service received both form the doctors and the ambulance drivers.  71% said that the facilities were very good and that their problem had been solved satisfactorily.

Another finding was that most people thought it was very easy to get in contact with the emergency service and that many people want to service to continue.

Following the survey, Emilio López Berenguer, the Councillor for health said ” We are working every day to improve the Emergency Municipal Service, therefore, it is essential to know the feedback”


The emergency service operates outside of normal doctors hours – from 2pm to 8am. The emercency service operates from either Manilva Medical centre or Sabinillas medical centre (alternating) If you need to call them the number is (0034) 607319999