Plans to protect against summer fires

Summer has only just started and I have already heard about 2 fires locally, luckily nothing serious.  However, after the huge fire in Marbella last year where 2 people lost their lives, homes were damaged and thousands of acres of countryside was destroyed, we all need to be aware of how easy a fire can start at this time of year.

With this in mind, Manilva’s Councillor for the Environment has written to all community administrators to encourage them to make their owners aware of the dangers and to instigate a protection plan.

It’s pretty much common sense but you would be amazed at how many people just “don’t think” ….  don’t leave rubbish in the campo, anything can get hot and cause a spark, don’t throw cigarette butts, make sure you extinguish fires and bbq’s properly (or don’t even start the fire in the first place is a better idea). I know many “picnic” places don’t allow bbq’s betwwen June and September.

Let’s all think a bit more this summer and hopefully we won’t see as many fire plane and helicopters in the sky. We have some of the most beautiful flora and fauna in this area, lets keep it that way.