Rhythmic Gymnastics Festival Manilva

Again, I know it’s very last minute but this is Spain….

Tomorrow, in the sports pavilion in Manilva, there will be a Rhythmic Gymnastics Festival. Teams of gymnasts from all over the region, including La Linea, Ronda, Estepona, San Martín del Tesorillo and, of course, Manilva will be exhibiting their skills in various classes and competing against each other, both in individual and group events.

The day is divided into two. The morning competition starts at 10.30am and runs until 1pm. (prize giving between 12.20pm and 1pm), with over 100 gymnasts taking part.

The afternoon event starts at 3pm and runs until 7pm. (Prizegiving between 6 & 7pm).  160 gymnasts will be taking part in this event.

All age ranges will be competing and events include hoop, ribbon, ball and freestyle.

Spectators are welcome.