Come and eat at a great, warm and lovely restaurant called Lombardo’s. It has very good service, and it is perfect to go to have dinner.It is very clean, luxurious and it is located in sotogrande in the avenue paniagua, 18, 11310.

It is a typical italian restaurant and when you walk inside it’s all decorated in an old fashioned way. There are paintings everywhere and the toilets are very clean. It has great service. There are wooden tables.

You can go to have a perfect romantic dinner or just to be with all your family. The pizzas are excellent and the pastas are great too. Apart from this there is lasagna and other typical italian food.

If you are thinking to go its better if you book just in case too many people turn up and there isn’t any space for you!

Another brilliant thing to do is if you’re tired and don’t feel like going out give them a ring and order a takeaway.

This restaurant is very nice and well located so come to Manilva now!

It is open from 7pm until midnight. Bring your friends, have a great time and try and enjoy at this restaurant.Call them at: 956795924.