Telepizza Estepona

As it was my sons birthday last week, I had promised him that we would go out for pizza but, in the end, as it was cold and wet, we decided to stay in and have pizza! I was all for ordering from the local place in Manilva and getting it delivered but the kids insisted that Telepizza in Estepona do far better pizzas – deep pan – just like Dominos pizza in the UK.. Unfortunately, they don’t deliver as far as Manilva but as my daughters boyfriend had agreed to go and collect them, I agreed.

You can order online or just call either the central number ( but beware, this is a premium rate call) or just call the Estepona branch directly. There is a wide selection of pizza available including some unusual ones such as “bacon cheeseburger” and” lasagne” pizza!! as well as several “meal deal” offers.  Check out the link below for the menu

The family pizzas were priced at €12.50 each but are 30cm in diameter with 8 huge slices of pizza. We did try the “bacon cheesburger ” . Very strange having mini burgers on a pizza… it shouldn’t work, but it does!!

We ordered way too much – didn’t realise how big the pizza were going to be!! Never mind, kids were quite happy to re heat  the leftovers for lunch the following day.

Telepizza Estepona is located on the sea front road,  Av España, 262, Estepona. The telephone number is 952 80 12 82.