Evil Furry caterpillars!!!

BEWARE  Everyone should be aware, especially pet owners, of the danger posed by the Pine Processionary Caterpillars. These Caterpillars are Spain´s most poisonous caterpillar. Pine Processionary Caterpillars (Well actually, the adult moths)  build their nests in the branches of pine trees  in the autumn. At this time of year (Late January to Mid April depending on how warm it is),  the ‘innocent-looking’ caterpillars fall from the cocoons  and form a procession which can contain 100s of caterpillars. The caterpillars are looking for soft ground to burrow into before they become moths later in the year.


The poison is contained in fine hairs on the body that are lethal even when the hairs are detached from the caterpillar. Each caterpillar has around 60,000 hairs which contain a toxin, which can cause severe rashes, temporary blindness and even respiratory problems The poison can kill dogs and cat.  Their poison is more serious than that of an adder, scorpion or black widow spider!!!! If you seen them, DO NOT TOUCH them.


The caterpillars are not only found in pine forests, they will be wherever there are pine trees. Locally to us Los Pedralgales park in Estepona where there is an abundance of pine tree,  has been known to close for a few weeks while they deal with the caterpillar invasion…

Check out the video below of the caterpillars in action…