Best Dentist in Manilva…

I was unfortunate enough to suffer from a really bad toothache last week. To be honest, I’d been in pain for about a week but was trying to ignore it, hoping it would go away…which, of course, it didn’t!!

When the pain became unbearable, I called the dentist in Manilva. I phoned about 1pm and he told me to come at 3pm. He does not officially open until 4pm but opened up especially for me.

As a family we have been using this dentist since we moved here in 2003 and in my opinion, he is the best dentist in Manilva.  Dr Victor Peyregne is known locally as the “gentle giant” . He stands well over 6 foot and has huge hands yet he is so gentle.  Even hubby, who doesn’t particularly like the dentist will happily visit Victor.

To be honest, his English isn’t brilliant but even when we saw him when we first came to Spain, and could not speak much Spanish, this was not a problem. He is so patient that it is not an issue.  He has since learnt a few works like “rinse” and “relax” …….

If you  need a dentist I can thoroughly recommend Dr Victor. Consultations and estimates are free.  Victor’s surgery can be found in Calle Dr Alvarez Leiva, virtually opposite the police station. He is on the second floor but just ring the bell and he will “buzz you in”

His opening hours are Mondays from 8am – 1pm, then from 4pm to 8pm and 8am to 2pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

You can visit the surgery for an appointment or call 952 89 1838.