Almost 4000 people visit the Duquesa Tourist Centre in 2012

Following a study of the people who visited the Manilva tourist office situated in Duquesa port,during 2012, the delegation of tourism has released the following results:-

In total 3815 people visited the office for help and information on the municipality of Manilva and the surrounding area. Nationality wise, this was broken down as follows:-

British 73.65%

Spanish 12.74%

Nordic 5.49%

French 5.25%

Others 2.87%

These figures demonstrate that tourism in Manilva is increasing despite the crisis…,Lets hope it continues into 2013.

The tourist office can be found in the Mykonos building on the corner at the entrance to the port (opposite the car park). They are able to provide information on the local and surrounding area, sports and leisure activities, bus  timetables and transport in general, as well as excursions and activities organised by the town hall.