Sell Your Spanish Home: De-clutter

Trying to sell your property on the Costa del Sol?  In order to give yourself the best possible chance, you’ll need to make your property as attractive as possible.  There are lots of apartments and houses out there and supply of housing is plentiful.  You need to paint your home in the best possible light – enhance the positives and maximise the potential.

Finding a home is a very personal experience.  Once we purchase our home, we all like to make that abode ours, cosy and filled with pictures or nik naks that give our homes character.  When visiting someone’s home, it is fun to see that character, exciting to see how identical apartments or houses on the same urbanisation can seem so different.  However despite our acceptance of these differences – when buying, we almost appreciate the opposite.

Simply presented, yet elegant
Well-presented and elegant

After seeing how different clients react, I would say that in most cases, those houses or apartments that are de -personalised always are easier to sell.   But why??  Imagine a blank canvas – an artist can be creative and splash on their own expression or artwork.  If the canvas was already painted on, the artist would either need to adapt the picture or repaint over the original.  However by then the freedom of creativity is already limited.  It is hard to ignore what you see and visualize something new.  Most of us are influenced by the things that surround us.  By de-personalizing our properties that we wish to sell and by de-cluttering we are giving buyers the opportunity to create their own masterpiece.  Psychologically we are not forcing them into ‘someone else’s home’.

Indeed there are some people out there who do have a gift and are able to visualise and see beyond clutter.  However, they are few and far between.  Personally, I find it incredibly hard.  Not only am I heavily influenced by decor and trinkets but smells also have a strong impact.   If necessary, it may be worth buying a plug-in air freshener or even put on the coffee machine so that the smell of freshly brewed coffee fills the air.

When showing clients around, the whole process is an experience – a home is about the kind of life you can enjoy there.

Happy de-cluttering and good luck with selling your home!  If you would like to list your property on our website please call 952890444 or email us on [email protected].

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