Webcams for the Gibraltar queues…

Whoever thought of this deserves a medal……absolutely brilliant idea!

Most of us need to pop into Gibraltar now and again, especially this time of year, but the unknown factor is the frontier queue, You can be lucky and sail straight in or, as occurred a few months ago, it can all get a bit political and the queues can be 3 – 4 hours long!! I must stress that this does not happen very often but a 45min to a hour queue is not uncommon and can really affect your day..especially if you have a schedule to make,or a boot full of frozen food from Morrisons!!!!

Well, problem solved.. You can check out the queues before you go with the links to the frontier queue webcam. I’ve just tried them and both are working brilliantly. 9am this morning,  slight queue getting into Gibraltar but flowing freely coming out.

As most of us now have smartphones, you can even check the”coming out” before you decide to start your homeward journey… if its too long, go and have that other cup of coffee and try again in half an hour – beats sitting in a queue.

Anyway, here are the links.. Frontier Queue – coming out

Alcaidesa Marina queue – going in