Costa del Sol Hospital – Brilliant Service

My son had a small accident last weekend (his friend trod on his fingers whilst they were playing handball). Anyway, his wrist was very painful and his fingers were very swollen so we took him up to A & E at the Costa del Sol hospital in Marbella. Being a Sunday, I expected to wait a while but it wasn’t too bad. Obviously, as you would expect, they were seeing more urgent cases first but, overall, the outcome was that we left with his arm in plaster… nothing was broken but the doctors were concerned about they swelling… after 3 hours.

Anyway, we had to go back for another x ray and to see the traumatologist and we were given appointments of 7.00pm for x ray and 7.50pm for traumatology!!! Seems so late to me but Spanish afternoon goes on until 8pm!  We assumed we would be back very late and had already decided that we would grab a takeaway for dinner from La Cañada on the way home. To be honest, I didn’t expect to see the traumatologist much before 8.30pm and we didn’t expect to get home before 10pm. How wrong we were…..

We arrived at the hospital at 6.40pm and were lucky enough to find a parking space in the free car park almost immediately… We went straight to Radiology were we went straight through and had the x ray at 6.55pm. We then went downstairs to traumatology, got called through after 5 minutes and went in to see the doctor at 7.10pm. By 7.20pm, plaster was off, son had been given the all clear and we were walking out of the hospital!! No time to read even a page of my book that I’d bought with me to kill the time..

So, quick stop at La Cañada, even had time for a bit of Xmas shopping (although couldn’t find what I wanted), grabbed at KFC (yum yum) and were home by 8.40pm!!

I cannot praise the service enough. Quick, efficient, and friendly….much better than some private hospitals I’ve used in the past!!!