Wine Tasting in Sabinillas……

Manilva is renowned for its grape vines and its sweet muscatel wine – in fact this industry was the mainstay of Manilva for many years. Unfortunately, many of the vineyards were sold off and built on during the property boom. Recently, however with the opening of the wine museum and training centre in Manilva, the town is trying to revitalise this industry and get younger people involved – they have even launched an new Manilva wine.
With all of this in mid, the Foreign Residents association has organised a special wine tasting event to be held on Saturday 1st December at Villa Matilde (near to Supersol on Manilva Road) at 12.00
There will be the guest speakers and the chance to sample not only Manilva’s wine but a selection of wines from across the region… Why not – it’s almost Christmas!!