Sabinillas Medical Centre (Centro de Salud)

Sabinillas Medical Cente – Make your Appointment Online

If you have a Spanish Social Security Card, you can visit the public medical centre in Sabinillas which is now open from 8am to 19:45  on weekdays.  You can now make appointments online by just entering the website below:

Enter your card details and residencia or NIE number by clicking here – it saves you a lot of unnecessary waiting in queues and you can have the freedom to chose the time and date that best suits your requirements.  If you have not got access to  the internet, you can also make appointments by calling on 902505060.

The Spanish system is quite advanced in terms of technology so that paper prescriptions are fading out.  Drs will generally put any prescribed medication on your health-card which has a chip for holding this information.  At the chemist, you literally hand over the card and voila, the pharmacist is able to give you the medication supplied.

Despite this modernisation of the system – go to any appointment expecting a wait.  I strongly suggest a good book or some colouring and toys for kids if you are planning a visit to the Drs with them.