Estepona Shopping: Crazy costumes, fancy dresses and carnival

A Bird – yes, that was what I was told my daughter was to be in her school play. Well, perhaps you don’t find it daunting but I am a mother with two left hands – some people are technophobes but I am just a sewing-phobe. So when I found myself amongst a group of highly ambitious and talented mums with a great capacity to be creative, I felt swamped, uncomfortable and terrified and most definitely outside my comfort zone!

Thankfully my friend Susan from eye-on-spain and the kind mums helped me through the process step by step. Seriously – I need it spelt out. And then we discovered this fantastic shop, ‘Gloria’s’, located in the centre of Estepona, just off the Plaza de los Huevos, and that shop saved my life. We found pre-made wings in red – immediately I decided, my daughter would be a red bird!

The service was fabulous – the staff are so friendly and put up with my endless questions. They gave me tons of advice and searched everywhere to find me a red boa. They also make costumes and traditionl Spanish Dancing dresses there.

Well, thanks to this fantastic shop and my friend’s help we did it and I watched my daughter flap those ridiculous red wings around the stage and felt a sense of pride.

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