Cheapest petrol in the area……

As we are in trouble times and every cent counts, I thought I’d share with you the tucked away petrol pump where you can get the cheapest petrol in the area!!!!

Just along the slip road to the Casares Mercadonna, a “blue elephant” car wash has been built. It has only been open about a month and, if you didn’t know it was there, you’d probably drive  straight past it…There is a drive through car wash and several jet wash bays. There is also one lonely petrol pump with diesel and petrol. I thought it a bit strange that there were a few cars queuing the other day when I went to Mercadona – they can’t all be waiting for the car wash…but then I noticed the price of the petrol.  Diesel was €1.32 a litre as opposed to €1.44 a litre where I would normally fill up. Needless, the say, on the way out of Mercadonna I stopped to fill up (luckily the queue had gone by then too..) There is also a very nice attendant who will fill your car for you – you don’t get that very often nowadays!!