Bodega Deja Vu – Duquesa

As you all know, when this was in Sabinillas, it was one of our favourite places to go, so following it’s recent move to Duquesa, and as I had family visiting from the UK, we decided to see if it was as good as it used to be. bar-deja-vu3

There was going to be 11 of us dining altogether so I called to reserve. Justine was really helpful when I explained that my grandmother was in a wheelchair. She said, it wouldn’t be a problem, there were several strapping men who could help her up the few steps at the entrance..

We arrived, late as usual as parking was a nightmare, but our table was waiting for us and as promised, they helped Nan in.. I have to say,. for me, the new restaurant does not have the same ambiance as the old one – you could not beat looking out to sea – here you look out to a narrow pedestrianised street and another row of bars… Having said that the service was good, a few of us order burgers and the rest of us had the tapas offer (3 tapas and a drink for €7) We could not decide – plus they had sold out of a few – so Justine just bought us a mixed selection – in the end we ordered some more – different ones we had not had initially. The food, especially the tapas is as good as it was before.


Anyway, we finished the meal and were considering ordering deserts, it was not late, say around 10.30pm, and we knew the kitchen was still open as another couple had just been seated on the table next to us. The staff were milling about but never came directly to the table and it was difficult to get their attention. When, one of them did come to the table, they presented us with the bill!!! I have never, ever, been given a bill in any restaurant, without asking for it.. OK, sometimes its late, you’re the only ones left in the restaurant so you may get “the look” from the staff or they’ll come over and ask if you want anything else and hint that it’s time to leave but as it said, it was not late, and there were still other customers eating…

Well, we were so astounded that we paid the bill (my sister in law was a bit miffed that they took her card and processed payment away from the table – but, maybe that’s just a UK thing..) and left. They did help my Nan back  down the steps again..

I will probably go back to Deja Vu as the tapas offer is so reasonable but this incident did rather spoil the evening for us. In my opinion, (and remember this is just my opinion) the new location just lacks a certain something they had in Sabinillas – and it’s not just the sea view….

As we had promised my niece ice cream, we walked onto Garabaldis ice cream parlour were we had delicious home made ice cream for desert instead…