Football Celebrations

I’m sure that everyone is now well aware that Spain won the European cup again but I wanted to post a few pictures of how we celebrated. The Spanish really now how to party…. especially if a football match is involved. You don’t need to watch the match to know the score… every time Spain scored, loud cheering came from every window followed by fireworks and cars tooting their horns- Well, when the final whistle was blown and Spain had won 4-0, all hell was let loose. My parents, over from England, said that it would have been classed as  a riot in the UK but it was all good, clean fun. Everyone spilled onto the streets, the main tradition seems to be driving as fast as you can, horns blazing, with as many people as possible hanging out of the car, waving Spanish flags….. The roundabouts at the entrances to Sabinillas and Manilva were impassable as there was so many people. Forget driving back to Manilva for a while, the road – a busy main road I might add, was full of people celebrating.

Maybe its been so long since England won anything, we’ve forgotton how to celebrate.. Anyway. here’s the pics..