San Juan 2012 – what a party…..

Wow, a mixture of San Juan falling on a Saturday this year and Spain winning the football meant that Sabinillas was heaving for San Juan. This was my 10th San Juan and I could honestly say, that I have never seen so many people…. it was absolutely packed, both the beach and the paseo… Thank God my kids are older, I really wouldn’t have fancied trying to keep hold of a toddler in amongst those crowds….

But, great night as always, the statue was set alight bang on the stroke of midnight and this was followed by a great fireworks display. I have to say, UK health and Safety would probably have closed the whole event down…… At one point, the heat from the fire was really intense and embers were blowing over the crowd..,.. but no-one seemed to mind… it’s all part of the occasion. I did actually see a couple of fireman on the beach which I’ve never seem before so maybe they were prepared….

Anyway, here’s a few pics…