How to beat the hassle of getting any task completed in Spain

We at Hamilton-Homes have the answer.    We have realised that there is a very very easy way to be successfull and its all down to a simple cultural understanding.   The anwer is simply to create a D R A M A out of everything.      Yesterday we were trying to locate a package at the post office and in our over polite english fashion we asked kindly if they could please look for the package.  This was done in person and in Spanish and guess what… NO PACKAGE FOUND.        The package was quite critical to complete a sale so we thought we’d try on the phone………   we held out no hope but thought it was worth a try.      The conversation was quick and simple but we explained with arms flowing and voice desperate saying that we have to have the package to complete a sale and the family were coming today to stay in their new house that day and what would happen if we could not locate the package the sale would be delayed and the family and young children would have no where to stay……      The kind lady at the post office said she would call back……I bet you all know what we thought about that and guess what….. 5 MINUTES later the phone rang and SHE FOUND THE PACKAGE!

So the message is clear…. just create that DRAMA and PRACTICE THOSE FLOWING ARMS and DESPERATE VOICE and you will achieve your goals.