The Other Side – a poignant Christmas message

We want to share this song with you.  The 23rd December 2010 marks the two year anniversary of Shanky Chellaram, Andrew Hamilton’s  father-in-law. In his memory, we want to spread a very special message that he left to his family.  He wrote this song 20 years prior for his wife, Nalanie and the lyrics are written as though he is talking to her from ‘the other side’.

The song can also be heard on this music site set up by Shanky’s son, Shaman:
It is quite amazing that the one and only time he sang this song was on his 60th birthday, 9 months before he passed away (live footage of this can be seen on the video).  During his last days on this earth, he could barely talk and it was as though the song he had written spoke all the words he needed to say.  In Nalanie’s words:

This song is what healed me in the darkest moments of my entire life. I felt that half my soul had been ripped away especially the first six months after his leaving…. But whenever i hummed the words of his song in my head, I knew he was with me and with all of us, his family….!!! Shanky wanted so much for us to be happy after his departure.He never approved of excessive crying or mourning..His soul knew it was leaving it’s body even before he did. Look what he left us…a message of hope and love. May everyone who has lost someone know with all their hearts that they are constantly loved and cared for. May Shanky’s words from ‘the other side’ comfort you. That while we are left here on this earth we must make an effort to love, laugh, share and care again. May we dedicate this song to all who have someone who has moved on from this world into the next….

Christmas is a beautiful time to bring families together.  It is also a time when the void left behind from a lost loved one is noticed more than ever.  We hope that this song will bring some comfort to many. This song has been re-recorded by Denis Valerga and Shanky’s family. We hope that it will make your Christmas more special – enjoy every moment and treasure every memory – they are worth so much.

With all are best for The Christmas Season.