Horses on La Noria beach….

The second “concentación tourista caballista” – an equestrian and horsemanship show will take place this Saturday, 2nd June on the beach in front of La Noria in Sabinillas

The event begins at 6pm (approx…) with a parade of horses through the streets of Sabinillas. These horses and their riders are normally dressed in traditional costumes and make a great spectacle trotting along the streets.  The parade will be followed by demonstrations of the riders’ equestrian skills which will include speed racing and lancing on the beach.

I missed this event last you and unfortunately looks like I will miss it again this year. A few of my “horsy” friends went last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a great night out – even the lids loved it.

For more information, you can contact the tourism department on 952 89 7434.