Duquesa Fire -Huge Fire in Duquesa – Fire on the Duquesa Golf course… Houses in danger

Whilst out on a viewing trip this morning at 11am we spotted plumes of smoke rising from the Duquesa Golf area. We were in the Doña Julia Golf course and we could see that the fire was growing. The westerly wind did not help and this was fanning the fire and making it spread uncontrollably. After the viewing I drove to Residencial Duquesa to get a better vantage point and by now the firebrigade helicopter was in action and the sounds of police and fire engines could be heard. I drove up behind Duquesa Fairways and Las Colinas de la Duquesa and although they are not affected, the flames are merely 100metres away.   The road that curls it’s way down to the Duquesa Marina has been blocked off and the fire crew are fighting the fire from this road in order to protect the townhouses and villas of Las Brisas- the fire is perilously close to these propertis.

Update to follow. Please find below a few photos.

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