Renewing your Spanish driving license

The Spanish driving license has to be renewed every 10 years however, if you have a “professional” license such as a HGV license or a PSV license, (passenger service vehicle – basically means you can drive other people) , these  need renewing every 5 years. My husband has several professional licenses including, believe it or not, a tank license as well as  HGV and PSV. In fact, I remember when we first exchanged our UK licenses for Spanish ones, there wasn’t enough room on the Spanish license for all his licenses!!!

Anyway, his professional licenses were due to expire this month and about three weeks ago we received the official notification from Trafico (Spanish equivalent to DVLA).  To renew it yourself means a trip to Malaga which would basically take up a whole day, so most people, especially at this end of the coast would use a gestor to do the paperwork for them which is what we did when we last renewed them five years ago. At the time, that involved a fee to the gestor, a fee to the doctor for your medical, cost of new photographs, plus the hassle of getting them done and in the right size – all in all it cost us around €100.00 but we were renewing about four licenses and it was much easier than a trip to Malaga.

I was contemplating contacting the same gestor again, when the following day we received a letter from the Estepona  Medical Centre where hubby had had his medical done five years ago. They had seen from their records that his licenses were due to expire and wanted to offer their services. Basically, if we had the medical there, they would do all the necessary paperwork there and renew the license for us and we didn’t even need to bring photos. I called them to confirm that I was reading this right.. and they said yes. It would cost €74 all in and we didn’t even need to make an appointment – just turn up between 10.00-13.00 or 17.00 – 20.00.

So, the following evening, off we went. I spoke to the receptionist who told us where we should wait. Our bottoms had hardly touched the chairs when we were called through.. A very nice lady took the details, took the photos and gave hubby a hand and eye coordination test. We then saw the doctor who gave him a medical. Basically, blood pressure, eye test, hearing test and a few general health questions. Back to first room to sign 2 forms and pay the bill (please note they don’t accept card – must be cash) and that was it. She gave my husband a form which allowed him to drive whilst his new licences were being processed and told us to contact her if the new license hadn’t arrived by the date on the form.  And, we didn’t even have to hand in his current license – it is all done telegraphically with Trafico in Malaga.

Don’t you love it when something you think is going to be a real hassle is actually really simple.

The Estepona Medical Centre can be found at:-

Avenida Juan Carlos 1, nº 29. Edificio Parque Central, Portal 5, 1ª. Its on the opposite side of the road to the Estepona Centro de Salud.

Tel 952 80 2208